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With our proprietary solution we will shed back years of weathered damage wood   that has darkened your pool or decking area. Allow us to reinvigorate that special area. Remember- Don't buy new, just renew!


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Removing bacterial spores from your home exterior requires a skilled professional with the right knowledge and experience to completely eradicate those live organism which are growing and spreading on your home. We are trained to deal with this type of growth that has now infiltrated your space

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Did you know that algae, moss, mold, mildew, lichen and fungi can cause roof decay and shorten the life expectancy of your shingles and create costly repairs if not treated? It's true and that's why it's very important to have your roof inspection done for bacterial growth by a qualified technician at Angie's Curb Appeal.

               WHAT IS GROWING ON YOUR PROPERTY?              

Algae - grows and thrives off the limestone that are mixed in with the fabrication of your asphalt shingles. With dampness and shaded areas helps fuel this growth that shorten the life expectancy of your asphalt shingle if not treated in a timely manner. These spores will attach itself to most surfaces and will grow in unsuspecting areas, mostly undetectable. As this growth continues spreading on your roof shingles, this darken area will restrict UV rays deflection and will increases heat buildup on the surface of your roof and directly increase your attic temperature causing your AC unit to work overtime in the attempt of cooling your home, which cost money. The next time you're outside just look around and you just may notice this growth on your property.  

Moss - can grow 4 inches tall and spread outwards on various roofs and cling closely together. Moisture is the primary catalyst that fuels this growth that enables its spreading activities. As this moss continue its growth on your roof, this plant life will grow thicker and larger in size, which will embed itself underneath your shingles substate causing a breach in your shingles overlap. With time this process will allow the unwanted elements to enter and create structural damage along with water penetration that will generate leaks if not corrected.

Mold -appear in many colors such as black, brown or greenish tint. Its growth environment are pretty similar to that of moss, which thrives on moisture or humid areas and has a growth rate that's quite rapid. Mold growth poses a risk for humans and classified as dangerous toxin spores. If this growth continues undetected, it can cause serious respiratory illness and has caused death.

Mildew - thrives in warmer climate temperatures and loves humidity and rain. You will find mildew growth on various surfaces such as roofs, drainage channels, underneath tree limbs, or the north facing side of house siding. Mildew may appear in different colors such as red, pink, green, or black that grows and spread like its cousin the mold.

Lichen - can grow in different climates and can attach itself onto many surfaces. Lichen will feed off the limestone that are mixed in with the fabrication of the asphalt shingles that are made by various shingle manufacturers. Lichen appearance has an off white, greenish blue tint in color. Lichen roots are known for having a destructive penetrating system that makes it very hard to strip away from the surface and releases a destructive acid which erodes the structure of asphalt shingles and shorten the life expectancy of by 10-15 years if not treated in a timely manner.

Fungus - this type of fungus (cellar fungus) is only attracted to damped wood and unlike dry rot, it remains confined to the wet areas only. This fungus will jeopardize the foundation of your roof by decaying the roof plywood, known as moisture rot. 

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We always use very low  pressure cleaning  your roofs & house sidings.



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Our extremely low pressure cleaning solution removes all spores and black streaks that has accumulated on your roof or siding. Allow us to fight this battle for you with our eco-friendly chemicals. Our solution are safe around people, pets and vegetation.


Has your sidewalk or driveway lost its identity? We can strip away the green slimy, red rust or black stains that has made its way to your property. Allow  us to spruce up that front entrance and bring back the curb appeal 

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