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Angie's crew takes pride in every job we do for our customers. We are located in the city of Rex, Georgia, fully Insured and licensed to do the work in the surrounding counties. We are well insured to protect our customers in the rare event of property damage being caused by one of our technicians.  Although these cases are extremely rare because 98.5% of the time our technician will work at the gutter line to perform our asphalt shingles cleaning application and we go above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that you and our technicians are completely covered. Here at Angie's Curb Appeal we tend to make it our business to rejuvenate the appearance of your property in a safe and cost-effective way. Our solution (proprietary) will completely eradicate all bacterial growth in its tracks 100%. Cleaning a home or commercial building exterior is really a time consuming job that takes special cleaning agents to eradicate bacterial organisms that are growing on the surface of your property. Most of the growth we see on Georgia homes or businesses has adapted to the various temperature fluctuation and can survive in the most difficult environment and scientists have found that some of those bacterial spores has been identified as pathogenic (infectious agents)  that cause health problems in humans such as diseases and respiratory problems; these spore are also problematic for our loving pets as well. 





How prices of roof cleaning  add up:

               Degree of problem

                      + Roof size

                      + Roof pitch

                      + Roof height


                         Total cost


Below Are Unattractive Algae,Fungi,Lichen Growth 




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Soft Washing Process

Here at Angie’s Curb Appeal LLC we implement a (Soft Wash) low pressure cleaning on asphalt shingle roofs and house sidings along with a combination of cleaning solution to get the job done correctly. Only amateurs are still blasting full strength pressure on these delicate surfaces.  After we apply the cleaning solution, we allow it to dwell for a period of time, then gently rinse it away using our low pressure rinse. This process is used on all roofs and house sidings application, which are very safe and effective in getting the desired results that high pressure can’t achieve.

High pressure cleaning to delicate surfaces doesn’t give you that even or smooth finish, but on the contrary an uneven finish that will bruise and  streak the surface. Our specially formulated cleaners penetrates the growth by eradicating the root system. By this approach, we actually lift years of built up mold, mildew, dirt and other unwanted pollutants. When our technician completes your home, you will experience the best cleaning that the industry has to offer. The end results are a deep, long-lasting clean without the risk of damaging your roof or siding.

We only use professional grade solutions to perform our services that are effective at removing the toughest roof stains. By allowing this growth to persist, it will eventually cost you thousands if not treated. If your home has been hijacked by this growth, please give us a call so that we can restore the beauty back to your property. 

Commercial Cleaning:

* Buildings
* Roofs                             * Siding  

* Gutter Whitening

* Dryvit                        * Stucco                          

* Store Fronts
* Sidewalks

* Brick Walls  

* Decks  

* Staining

* Rust Stains

Professional Soft Washing & Sanitation Cleaning Done Right! 

Residential  Cleaning: 

* Roofs

* Siding

* Gutter Whitening

* Dryvit                             * Stucco

*Storage Sheds

* Screens

* Gutters

* Driveways

* Sidewalks 

* Brick walls

* Decks

* Staining

*Rust Stains